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Customers find best drug prices at online pharmacies over traditional pharmacies:

All online pharmacies try to make the ordering process as convenient as possible. These online pharmacies contain about 15,000 names of medicines and health products, so you can order everything you need for your health.

Rockville Pharmacy (CSAT: 5.0)

Leslie is amazing. She is always so helpful. I have had a lot of issues with my insurance, and she has been a true lifesaver helping me in the pharmacy. I appreciate all her help. She is kind and compassionate. She takes time to explain everything and makes sure you understand too.

Obviously, very racist women that work there and are very racist against white people. I was very saddened by the way I was treated. Not to mention, Rockville Pharmacy tried to overcharge me $70 on my medications. Do yourself a favor and go over to Walmart, where they're fair, and you pay the real price.

ViaQX Pharmacy (CSAT: 4.3)

Do people actually work here? I waited at the counter for ten minutes and didn't see anyone. I went hunting for an employee, found the pharmacist. Eventually, I just dumped my stuff and left. If the rapture came, and you were in this store, you'd never know.

I've been using ViaQX Pharmacy for a few years. I get compounded medication, and it's been great. They are always on time and very friendly with great customer service. I really appreciate their professionalism. Thank you!   

Pioneer Health Compounding (CSAT: 4.7)

The reason to give 3 is that they apologized for their mistake the next day; otherwise would have given 0 or -1. I asked my doctor to prescribed me a drug he did, but they made him listen to their music for 12 to 15 minutes. Then when I reached there at the drive-thru and gave my insurance and prescription card, they said it is not ready (even after 90 minutes of order). I ask the young pharmacist, Ashley, that how much time more she said 20 minutes. I said, fine, I would wait, then after 10 minutes, she came up with the excuse that my wife's date of birth is incorrect. I was shocked to hear that since she got her medicine a couple of months ago without any problem. So I decided to call my insurance and was told that dob is correct, so I went inside Walgreen pharmacy and told them that information is correct, so they then made me wait 30 minutes and then came up with a new thing that insurance was expired two years ago. That made me angry, and I asked them to just bill me and give me the medicine, so I took it and called my insurance because of what is happening, so they then connect me with the pharmacy. The pharmacist apologized and told me to get a refund. I went the next day, then the supervisor, Heidi, apologized again and said that Ashley is new. I am sorry for her too. This thing is one should not say something wrong, which apparently Pharmacy staff did with confidence. I hope they don't do this with anyone else.

I went to Pioneer Health Compounding because my regular pharmacy was out of my medication. The pharmacist came over and asked me why I brought my prescription here and then told me she didn't have enough to fill it. I've only used one pharmacy since moving to Mobile but will not buy a pack of gum from this location now. I was aware that a person could only use this pharmacy if they only ever went to this pharmacy.

The Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacy (CSAT: 5.0)

The main pharmacist at this location is PHENOMENAL. Her level of care, attention to detail, and kindness are astounding and refreshing to experience in this day and age where people can be impatient with one another. This pharmacy is actually a little further of a drive for me, but it's worth it! Plus, I love the security outside.

Went to the drive-up window with a prescription. The attendant acted as though I was bothering him. I waited for him to check the availability of the prescription. He asked if I had filled it there before. My reply was no. He then hissed and asked my address. I excused myself and asked him to return the prescription. There must be 40 pharmacies from ocean springs to Biloxi and D'iberville. I don't need this type of attitude just because he's having a bad day. This chubby attendant with skinny arms, weird earrings, tattoos, and a bad attitude does not fit to be a person to distribute medication for the public. I thought The Medicine Shoppe® Pharmacy had a higher standard than that.

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