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Buy Stromectol (Ivermectin) Online From Our Pharmacy

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Buy Stromectol (Ivermectin) Online From Our Pharmacy:

We save one of the most valuable things - time, which is always not enough. A trip to the store can take extra hours (or even more), given the lines, traffic jams, and inconvenient locations. Logging into an online pharmacy from your home computer or phone and ordering Stromectol and everything you need in 10-15 minutes is always an efficient alternative.

Address: 469 Park St, Hartford, CT 06106, United States | Phone: (860) 422-8888 | Website:

Hartford Pharmacy is absolutely amazing, and the staff is beyond helpful and friendly. They are so accommodating as I have a disabled son, and they have made our process of getting our vaccines and Stromectol so very easy. Great people and excellent customer service!

The worst pharmacy we've used. Unprofessional inexperienced pharmacists don't know what they are doing, are always confused, can't do any research, won't fill even $0.70 vitamin prescription because the "instructions from a doctor aren't clear." Cashiers are never available. Self-checkout with slow, annoying machines that don't even have the discount prices showing. Changing all my prescriptions to someplace else.

Main Street Pharmacy
Address: 421 Park St, Hartford, CT 06106, United States | Phone: (860) 200-0909 | Website:

I visited the pharmacy today for a vaccine, and I had a great experience! The staff is all very friendly and very helpful. They also offer free delivery on all prescriptions. Will definitely be going back there and have already recommended it to my friends and family.

I visited this Main Street Pharmacy located inside Target shopping center. I was in line in the back of a gentleman finishing up with the pharmacist. After his order was completed, the pharmacist walked away and said to me, "Someone will be with you in a few minutes." Did I say really? I told her I just had a question about Stromectol, and I wasn't picking anything up. She said again it would be a few minutes. I was shocked! Talk about lousy customer service and rudeness? The pharmacist's name was Bovina. I will certainly be taking my business and my questions elsewhere.

Maple Pharmacy
Address: 408 New Britain Ave, Hartford, CT 06106, United States | Phone: (860) 560-2000 | Website:

A pharmacy with personality? Definitely a rare find. I love supporting small, local businesses rather than the big chains, especially when the proprietors are so personable. I'm impressed that the head pharmacist, Dr. Maria, is knowledgeable on prescription meds and takes time to support you in natural approaches to your problems. Make the switch - you'll love the personal experience you get from everyone there! 🙂

Rude staff and customer service. I went in there to pick up Ivermectin. The lady at the register looks at me and says, "what?" I tell her I'm here to pick up my medication, and she just stares at me with a blank face and doesn't move for 5 minutes until I proceed to say, "that's it.." and then I'm forced to do her job for her by giving me her my last name and date of birth. today I called to request a refill for my medication, and before I could finish explaining what medication I needed refilled or even say hello, the lady cut me off and asked, "last name and date of birth". This Maple Pharmacy has an extremely robotic and rude staff.

Arrow Pharmacy
Address: 500 Farmington Ave, Hartford, CT 06105, United States | Phone: (860) 522-9289 | Website:

Arrow Pharmacy is excellent for your prescription needs. The Pharmacists are very knowledgeable and will research your medicines and also be aware of the pricing. Arrow Pharmacy is a community-based family-owned and operated pharmacy. We received our Covid and flu shots. We recommend highly recommend using it.

Horrible experience, I came yesterday after going to the ER, and they didn't have my prescription... At least not complete order. So I took Ivermectin and some antibiotics and the other part they told me to come back today. Now I am here, and they forgot to order it, and now they are telling me that my insurance doesn't cover it. I believe this should have been mentioned yesterday. Now I have to go back to a doctor, get a new prescription, and take it to a different pharmacy that won't forget to place my prescription order. This is not right, and none here will do anything about it.

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