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Buy Modafinil [Provigil] Online at Canadian Generics

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Buy Modafinil [Provigil] Online at Canadian Generics:

If you want to purchase Modafinil and many other highest quality meds for your health - welcome to these online pharmacies. Our mission is to keep you and your family healthy, and we want to do everything to ensure that your family remains healthy and happy. Therefore, we are working 24/7 to be the most reliable place where you can come for help.

Stop & Shop Pharmacy
Address: 150 New Park Ave, Hartford, CT 06106, United States | Phone: (860) 232-8848 | Website:

This is a 5-star review for the staff, but avoid filling here. The system they are working with is broken constantly. My profile only appears in will call no matter what, apparently. The staff, however, is really cool about getting things right. It just makes for long waits and flustered workers for things that aren't their fault.

I rated this Stop & Shop Pharmacy somewhat high because of the outstanding pharmacy service. For the most part, I have been treated very well by all the technicians and pharmacists in the few months I have really used this pharmacy that's within such close proximity to where I reside. I wish I could rate the front of the store as high. That's where the score went down somewhat. There have been some mishaps and certain moments in which maybe just an attitude adjustment or more considerate treatment would have been greatly appreciated by an individual or two. Now the store itself is rather small and lacks the variety found in the larger stores. For instance, I didn't find Provigil that I usually ordered. But that is to be expected in such a small store. I love that the store just blocks away. I wish it had later hours, especially pharmacy hours and especially on weekends. Thank you.

Community Care Pharmacy
Address: 408 New Britain Ave, Hartford, CT 06106, United States | Phone: (860) 560-2000 | Website:

The staff has always been friendly and helpful to me. My only two complaints are that they are not good at calling when prescriptions are ready, and when their software was majorly updated, it had some problems for a while.

I went to Community Care Pharmacy to get my Modafinil, it was 8:40 pm, and the pharmacist and her helper refused to help me. I told them it was urgent. I came from ER to get this. You have 20 minutes to close the pharmacy. Still, they refused. I was in a hurry to get the medication, did not argue with them, and fine a 24hr 2 miles away. I did not get any names because they didn't even come close to the counter. The date is 01/06/20. Time 8:40 pm.

Genoa Healthcare
Address: 56 Coventry St suite b, Hartford, CT 06112, United States | Phone: (860) 967-3116 | Website:

Parking here can be tough, and wait time at the pharmacy is too long, but the staff here makes it worth it. They are always very pleasant and helpful. I would highly recommend using this Genoa Healthcare. They are very respectful and professional. I've never had any problems with getting my medications on time. They offer free delivery, and most of my medicines like Modafinil are very low copays. Great, friendly staff.

The worst pharmacy you can even look at. They will deny you your meds all because they want to refill needed or not, and don't get me started on the little ompa lumpa in the front (short fat light skin brown hair) got the nastiest attitude. The way they treat old people here is disgusting if you want a great pharmacy and pharmacist. These people make it their business to make sure you leave with what you came for.

Rite Aid
Address: 1291 Albany Ave, Hartford, CT 06112, United States | Phone: (860) 560-1881 | Website:

The Rite Aid staff are all eager to help and make sure all your drug store needs are met during this difficult time. Hats off to the professional and courteous pharmacists and store staff for the most AMAZING service, even at very late hours. Thank you, Rite Aid!!!

I've been to tons of pharmacies to get my Modafinil prescriptions (I move a lot), and this one is by far the most incompetent location I've ever been to. When you call to get your prescription refilled, they don't actually fill it until you're actually there in the store, making you wait at least 20 minutes for a prescription that should already be filled. When you call beforehand to make sure they fill your prescription first, they'll lie and say it's not in stock, just so they don't have to do any work. And when you call them out on knowing they have it in stock, they will admit that they do but are too busy to do anything and to come back another day. Don't waste your time going to this location. There's plenty of other better stores.

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